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2020 was an unusual year, to say the least, and one for the history books. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, our community was not able to have its usual meetings and celebrations. We hope that the new year is brighter and healthier so that soon we will be able to get back to a somewhat normal life again.

Shorecrest has a great group of board members, staff and volunteers who have kept things moving forward during the pandemic. Elliot, our new maintenance manager, has been busy improving and maintaining our parks and club house grounds. During the shutdown he also gave the clubhouse interior a fresh coat of paint. With the help of volunteers, we were also able to create a new community garden as well as plant new bushes and plants around the pool area. At the waterfront park the stairs to the beach were replaced as well as trees and bushes trimmed to improve the view.

When Mason County reached level 3 of the 1st Washington COVID reopening plan, we were able to open the pool to our members, with certain required restrictions in place. The pool opened July 4th weekend and remained open beyond Labor Day. Employees (and members) wore masks and provided a limited number of sanitized tables at a social distance. Thanks to Teresa Holcomb and her pool staff for providing us a fun, safe, swimming season.

Even though we were not able to have community meetings, with modern technology, masks and social distancing, our employees, committee and board members have been able to communicate to keep things running. The neighborhood continues to see a lot of growth, keeping Carolynne busy in the office. Many new homes are popping up and new neighbors are moving in. We’ve also identified several violations to the Shorecrest Rules and Regulations and notifications continue to be issued to homeowners. Requiring Shorecrest member’s compliance with our R&R’s is important to maintaining and improving the health and welfare of our community. We appreciate your cooperation while we continue to work through these compliance issues.

This past year we have had a few complaints and some mischief, including vandalism, in our Shorecrest neighborhood. Be aware that destruction repair costs are paid with your HOA dues. We all need to be respectful of our neighbors and there are a number of ways we all can help just by doing our part:

*Keep your yards neat and tidy *Keep parties and noise to a reasonable level that does not disturb your neighbors *Know what your kids are up to, they can create mischief if unsupervised *Keep our parks and neighborhood clean, safe, and beautiful by disposing of trash in proper receptacles *Pay your dues and comply with our Shorecrest community Rules and Regulations *Call 911 for help in emergencies and report any concerns to the Shorecrest office

Because of the pandemic and struggling economy we felt it was important that we not raise dues this coming year, but with the help of volunteers we will continue to make a few needed improvements. We have a couple projects currently underway to protect and enhance our Shorecrest property. A new storage shed is being constructed on the North side of the community garden and we also plan to do some improvements to the South parking area by the clubhouse and clubhouse entrance.

Thank you to our employees, board members, and other member volunteers for continuing to contribute to the improvement of our Shorecrest community. When we are again able to safely have our regular monthly meetings, I encourage all our members to attend (10 AM; 2nd Saturday of every month). It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, get involved, offer help, voice concerns, or show your support. If you are looking to get involved, there are several committees that can always use more volunteers. Contact the office via email, phone or through our website at

I look forward to another great year for our Shorecrest residents.

Mike Jacobson/President


It is always fun to get together with our friends and neighbors in Shorecrest so this year has been a tough one for many. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have not been unable to have our usual celebrations, but Carolynne did a wonderful job providing 16 Thanksgiving meals to people in need in our neighborhood. Thank you Carolynne for going above and beyond for our Shorecrest community. We hope that 2021 will allow the return of some of our usual events. In the meantime, Amelia Savinova and her garden team have created a beautiful new community garden in honor of Connie West, our Shorecrest friend who gave so much of herself to help improve our neighborhood. Many community members volunteered their labor and expertise, socially distancing and wearing masks as required. Thank you to the many volunteers who worked on the project or donated produce to make the garden a success. We hope you all will take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables made available each Wednesdays during their harvest. Also, thank you Pam Lau for continuing our “Ladies Night” via “ZOOM”. We are lucky to have such wonderful, talented people in our neighborhood.

If you are interested in being a part of any of our Shorecrest activities, below is a contact list. It’s a fun way to get to know your neighbors.

Ladies night: Pamlau3 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garden team: Ameliasavinova03This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Events: MissMarciaLynnetteThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

activities schedule

BOD Meeting - 2nd Saturday of each month @ 10:00 AM (Cancelled due to COVID 19 until further notice)

Architectural Committee - 2nd Tuesday each month @ 10:00 AM (Cancelled due to COVID 19 until further notice)

Ladies Night - 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00 PM (ZOOM only until further notice)

Men’s Poker night - Every Wednesday @ 7:00 PM (Cancelled due to COVID 19 until further notice)

Ladies Craft Day - Every 1st Wednesday @ 10:00 AM (Cancelled due to COVID 19 until further notice)

Activities Committee – TBD

Events: TBD


Watch for notifications and announcements of meetings or activities as they come available. These are usually communicated through the office, email, web-site and/or reader board. If you are not currently on the Shorecrest email list, please contact the office via email, phone or through our website at

Stay safe, healthy and hope to see you all soon!

Marcia Jacobson/Activities Committee Chair

Board of Directors

Mike Jacobson

Craig Larsen
Vice President

Janet Martini

Tracey McGlothlin

Lou Maggi

Joanne Krieger

Art Parker

Member Committees

Activities Committee – To join the Shorecrest activities committee email list, contact Marcia Jacobson or Carolynne 

Community Garden Committee – To join the garden team, contact Amelia Savinova

Shorecrest Beach Club Mission Statement

Shorecrest Beach Club Mission Statement: Enhance the quality of life for our community.

Shorecrest Beach Club Vision Statement: Build a safe and desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends, and neighbors.

Shorecrest Beach Club Value Statement: Actively promote and encourage membership participation along with supporting initiatives and capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community.


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