A Message from the Board

The Board of directors would like to report the following to the members of our community.

Work on the Hillcrest Beach area Park will be complete in the next few weeks. We have also finished the new handicap access area to the clubhouse and office.

The school bus stop across from the pool on Parkway is complete and 2 more bus stops will be added this year. We have filed papers for street lights to go next to the bus stops as well as other areas in Shorecrest.

We are currently working on the permit process with Mason County to start the initial steps for the clubhouse expansion. We will be asking for bids from 3 contractors to get a price on the expansion. Once we have all the information we will send out a letter to the community with the information gathered and a proposal as how to proceed. The Architectural Committee has been busy notifying homeowners of the Rules and Regulations regarding property that is in need of cleanup or other violations. We are making progress. It has been a very productive summer and we hope everyone notices the improvement to our neighborhood.

Thank you from your Board Members,

Bob Charleston, President      
Rita Medaglia, Vice President  
Paul McLaughlin, Treasurer
Judy Carr, Secretary    
Bill Giebel
Patricia McCray
Ken Shelton

General Report from the Office, Pool and Activities Committee

By Carolynne, Teresa-pool manager, and Maggie - activities chair

Our first Pancake Breakfast was served on Saturday Sept 15th, we had about 50 adults and 30 children attend. It was FREE to all. We hope to have more breakfasts in the future.

The Beach Club is having a Mitten, Scarf and Hat drive for the children of Shorecrest. Any donations would be appreciated, we will give them out by the first week of November so let your children know and watch the reader board for this upcoming event.

We will be having our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday November 17th from 4pm to 7:30pm again this year. This is a complete dinner with all the trimmings and it is FREE to all. Please come and join us. We will be asking for donations again this year and hope all that can afford to give will do so.

Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets will also be given away this year. If you know of a family in need please contact the office with names and addresses.

Refinish work on the pool started on Oct 10th. We have purchased 5 new lounge chairs and 3 new tables for the pool area. They were ordered in September in order to get the end of summer sale price. The pool was very busy this past summer in August alone we had more the 1,600 people sign in to swim.

Midnight swim parties were a huge success and the youth in our community seemed to really enjoy the activities that the pool staff organized for them. Pizza parties, movies, game nights, and Bar-b-ques were all great fun. We are trying to get a Teen Scene group started through the winter. It would be held every other Saturday evening from 6pm to 9pm. This would be for the youth in our community.


Permit Reminder …
     In addition to being charged with the enforcement of all Covenants, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations of the Shorecrest Beach Club, the Architectural Committee is also responsible for the issuance of permits for new construction, modifications to structures, fences, septic systems, and other related activities as defined in the rules & regulations. The Shorecrest permit is in addition to any needed County permits. If you don't know if you need a permit, contact the office or come to a committee meeting.

Senior Citizen/Disability Exemption

If you are a senior citizen or if you are disabled, Washington has a program that may help you to pay your property taxes and/or special assessments. The household income and age or disability of the applicant determines eligibility for the program. Applicants must be at least 61 years of age, or unable to work because of a physical disability. Proof of disability is required by submittal of a doctor's statement with the application. Household income must not exceed $35,000. The exemption applies to the principal residence and up to one acre. Listed are the three levels of exemption based on income level. For more information concerning the Senior/Disability Exemption, contact the exemption clerk at (360) 427-9670 ext. 499 or online at

The Superintendent of Pioneer School asked to have the following information included in our newsletter.

1.       Tour the Pioneer Schools with a student on Wednesday November 14th from 9am-12 noon.

2.       Pioneer Community education night classes are currently being formed, if you have an interest in teaching and/or attending a class call 426-9115

3.       Pioneer School District fan page on facebook. Our goal is to communicate with parents and the community. Join us at

Board of Director Events:

Monthly Beach Club Board of Directors Meeting – 2nd Saturday of each Month – 10:00 AM

Architectural Committee – Monday before the Monthly Board Meeting – 6:30 PM

Communications Committee – Tuesday before the Monthly Board Meeting – 6:30 PM

Activities Committee – 1st Friday of each Month - 5:30 PM

Ongoing Community Events:

Community Poker Game - every Wednesday – 7:00 PM

Ladies group Meeting – 1st and 3rd Wednesday – 10:00 AM

Potluck Dinner – Last Saturday of each Month – 6:00 PM

Neighborhood Watch - Last Tuesday of each month – 7PM

Board of Directors

Mike Jacobson

Greg Clark
Vice President.

Ken Shelton

Bill Mackelwich

Tracey McGlothlin

Craig Larson

Janet Martini

Shorecrest Beach Club Mission Statement

Shorecrest Beach Club Mission Statement: Enhance the quality of life for our community.

Shorecrest Beach Club Vision Statement: Build a safe and desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends, and neighbors.

Shorecrest Beach Club Value Statement: Actively promote and encourage membership participation along with supporting initiatives and capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community.


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Office Hours:

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